How to Make Your Own Fish Hook Removal Tool

While pliers or forceps are great tools to remove a hook from a fish’s mouth there is another tool that ever angler should consider using that does the job even better. Learn how to make this tool in the short video below.

Did you see how easily that tool removed the hook from the fish’s mouth? It was used to pull the hook out easily and the line didn’t get tangled either.

In case you missed anything on how to make this tool, the steps are listed out below.
1.) Straighten and clean a long nail
2.) Flatten the tip of the nail with a hammer
3.) Drill a hole in the center of the flattened part of the nail
4.) Shave the tip an the sides of the nail flat
5.) Cut into one side of the hole
6.) Make a grove in the top of the nail
7.) Remove the head of the nail
8.) Mount a wooden handle to the nail

Once you’ve made the tool it can be used to easily remove fish hooks. All you have to do is thread the line in the hole of the tool and pull the line tight. Then set the bend of the hook in the grove at the top of the tool and push. The hook will pop out then you can get back to fishing.

Source: FishingKnots

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