How to NOT Ruin Good Bass Fishing Around Covers

Bass anglers know that there’s good fishing around covers like downed trees and half-submerged logs, but what many don’t know is they may be scaring off fish when they cast in these areas. Watch this video below and learn some tips on making the most of a cover spot when bass fishing.

As you just heard it’s important to start on the edges of a cover area and work your way in so as to not scare off fish. If you pitch right into the heart of the cover it’s likely you’ll get a bite, but it’s also likely you’ll get caught up un the cover trying to get that fish out. When this happens the other fish hanging right outside of the cover will run off.

It’s important to be patient when fishing around cover because it can take several pitches to put the bait on a fish especially when starting on the outside of the cover. Now go and find some cover in your neck of the woods and catch every single fish hanging out in there.

Source: TheBassUniversity

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