A Closer Look at the Swellpro Drone Fish Finder

Drone fishing has been taking off in the last several years and with it comes new gadgets and apps to make anglers more successful on the water. Here is a review of the Swellpro Drone Fish Finder from youtuber Captian Drone.

As you just saw the Swellpro Drone Fish Finder has an intuitive app that acts as a mini sonar on the water. It works from 260 feet away so you can easily monitor the app when fishing from a shore line or in a boat. It turns on automatically in the water and has a 5 hour battery life making it simple to activate and remain on. This device can be used with both a fishing rod or a drone allowing for more versatility on your angling adventure.

If you’re looking for a way to level up your angling outings consider getting this fish finder. It will prove to be an effective tool for finding fish in both fresh and saltwater settings.

Source: CaptainDrone

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