How to Fly Fish Through Heavy Glare

Fly angling in the spring and summer months can bring its own unique challenges one of which is the sun putting extra glare on the water. In the video below learn how to see through this glare and spot huge trout that might otherwise have gotten away.

As you just saw it takes a keen eye to see the fish in the water through the glare. In these situations you’re not looking for a fish, you’re more looking for a smudge or a dark shape in the pattern of light waves on the water. Note the shape of the fish will look like a torpedo and it should be moving. In these situations it’s imperative to be patient, placing a fly in the right spot will eventually get the fish’s attention.

Now that you’ve learned a bit more about casting and attracting fish on water with a glare try these tricks next time you’re on the river and the sun is shining bright.

Source: jensenflyfishing

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