What is Tippet Exactly?

Many know that fly fishing has more than its fair share of gear consisting of rods, flies, reels, and line. What many don’t know is that there’s way more to the line on a reel and tippet is a key part of any fly angler’s line set up. Below you’ll learn more about what tippet is and what kind you’ll need when on the water.

As you just saw there are many things to consider when picking out tippet, one being the material it’s made of. Mono tippet is typically tougher and more abrasion resistant, meaning it won’t drift as well in the water as compared to fluorocarbon line, but it is less susceptible to breaks. The main distinction of fluorocarbon tippet is that it will be less visible in the water and won’t scare off fish. It’s also key to know what the size of the line is when selecting tippet. It’s standardized across all manufacturers in that each number corresponds to the thickness of the line. The higher the number the thinner the line, for example 5X is thicker than 8X.

More than anything the right presentation of a fly can make or break an angler’s day, but be sure you’re using the right tippet for your neck of the woods.

Source: HugeFlyFisherman

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