How to Use a Rod Holder for Bank Fishing

Anglers have access to so many types of gadgets that some of the basic ones can be overlooked. Rod holders serve an amazingly simple yet profound purpose and below is a demonstration of how to use them for bank fishing.

As you just saw setting up a rod holder is fairly simple if done properly. In case you missed anything from that video, you can find the sets listed out below.

1.) Find a place near the waterline to place the rod holder
2.) Stick the rod holder in the ground and move it back and forth, making a trench
3.) Once you’ve arrived at a depth you like push the rod holder forward
4.) Fill the hole with sand

Keep in mind it’s best to move the rod every hour as the tide goes in and out. This way the rod holder remains in the prime position and in solid ground.

Source: AnglerWestTV

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