A New Spin on the Fly Fishing Reel

The fly angler setup consists of many parts each playing a key role, but there’s one piece of gear you reely need to know. The reel is an essential component of any fly angler’s setup and below is a short video designed to give you the low down.

Many aspects of the reel were covered in this video and in case you missed anything, the main points are covered below. Drag is a characteristic of the reel you’ll need to consider. A basic drag system is great for most trout and some saltwater fishing. Remember if you’re after bigger fish, you’re going to need a high drag reel. Caring for the reel is also imperative. It’s OK to get the reel wet, but avoid dirt and sand at all costs as they will gum up the gears. The size of the reel is also important to note when shopping. A smaller reel is good for smaller rods and a bigger reel is for bigger rods. If you’ve picked the right reel, the rod will balance on your finger when held just above the grip.

As Ben mentioned in this video, a top of the line reel can only go so far. The best option is to get a decent reel and heavily invest in your line and rod. Consider this when shopping for a reel to complete your rod setup.

Source: HugeFlyFisherman

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