Now This is a Knot to Remember

When using a swivel it’s important to make sure the knot used to tie it to your set up is secure. Below you’ll learn about a swivel knot that is both quick to tie and will stay strong all day.

In case you missed any of those steps, you can find them listed out below:
1.) Take the tag end of the line and thread it through the swivel twice
2.) Pull the end and make a double loop
3.) Pinching the loop, make another loop with the tag end that sits on top of the double loop
4.) Then take the tag end and wrap it behind the loops
5.) Thread the tag end from the back of the loops through the smallest loop
6.) Pull the tag end tight

As you just saw this knot is easy to tie and provides a good amount of strength to any swivel set up. Consider using this knot next time you need to quickly add a swivel when you’re on the water.

Source: FreshFishChannel

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