3 Great Bass Baits for July

Although the spring has come and gone there is still ample time to land some big bass this summer. Learn about three bass baits below to throw this July and enjoy landing some massive bass.

As you just heard these baits are versatile and can be utilized in many ways and in many areas. In case you missed any of the three baits described in the video above, find them listed out below.

1.) Carolina Rig – which is good for both shallow and deep water
2.) Neko Rig – this will work with any weight size within
3.) Drop Shot – interchangeable for any weight, lure, and hook

Now that you know what to throw this month get out in your next of the woods and see what works for you. Keep in mind many of these set ups are versatile and can be customized with different lures, hooks, and weights.

Source: NathanQuinceFishing

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