Summer Worm Fishing Tips from Bass Resource

Now is a great time to throw worms when bass fishing, but to be successful there’s certain things anglers should keep in mind when using this kind of bait. Learn some tips on worm fishing this summer from Bass Resource in the short video below.

As you just heard summertime is post spawn and bass are typically going to be found in deeper waters that are off shore. Using 7-inch rigs that are heavy will ensure you can maintain contact with the bottom of the water and also fish it quickly. Since most of the casts will be longer there’s going to be more slack to pull. This means you’ll need to have at least a 7:1 reel which will allow you to move the bait less with the reel itself and more by dragging.

These are just a couple things you should take note of when fishing with worm rigs this summer. Enjoy hitting those deeper waters and ripping some lip in the sun.

Source: BassResource

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