Review of the The Flatliner Bedchair for Carp Fishing

It’s hard to find a cot for carp fishing that is comfortable and easily portable, until now. Enter the Flatliner Bedchair, a piece of gear no carp angler should be without.

As you just saw the Flatliner Bedchair is designed with eight legs that are long enough to allow for the storage of tackle boxes and other larger items underneath. The legs also have a spring-loaded release which allows for east setup to get the bedchair balanced.

This bedchair comes in a couple different models for use in all or just the warm seasons. The sleeping bag and pillow are included to help keep you comfy as you wait for those nighttime bites. The lumbar support further ensures that your back won’t be sore in the morning.

Finally, this bedchair has double hinges which allows it to be folded down into a manageable size for packing. Overall, this bedchair is a well-built, comfortable, and easy to transport so consider getting one for those overnight carp fishing trips.

Source: FoxInternationalCarpFishing

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