Drop Shot Fishing with Bait Leads Amazing Underwater Trout Strikes

Anglers have many gadgets to help them determine what fish are doing underwater, but perhaps the best tool is the underwater camera. Watch as an angler shares a look under the surface as trout hammer drop shot baits.

Did you see how many fish swarmed the shrimp bait? They had a feeding frenzy with it and still the angler wasn’t able to set the hook. Of all the baits he used this one seemed to generate the biggest reaction.

Overall, the bigger the size of the bait the harder it was to catch them. This illustrates the smaller baits will be more effective. A smaller bait means the fish can’t just nibble small pieces off and setting the hook will be easier since there’s less surface area for it to cut through. Try some of these baits in your local honey hole and let us know which one worked best.

Source: EParkFishing

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