Spearfishing Wahoo in The Florida Keys is Epic

The Florida Keys are a bounty of angling opportunities for those who adventure there, and it’s not just limited to deep sea boat fishing. Watch as Lauren and her crew take to the waters for some epic spearfishing and find some amazing wahoo.

Did you see how much of a fight the wahoo put up once they were speared? These fish were very strong and pulled the float line and the float great distances once they were speared.

There were some very good tips in this video about making the most of a spearfishing trip. Lauren typically only goes out with a float line, which is safer than having an additional reel since there’s less chance to get tangled. When driving the boat Lauren was careful to watch for boats while keeping the other divers a safe distance from the vessel.

Now that you’ve seen all that awaits you in the Keys it’s time to plan your trip and have some spearfishing fun of your own.

Source: LaurenSarasua

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