Capture Fishing Action in Two Directions at Once with the Siren X-1 Actioncam

While there are many cameras out there that can be attached to fishing lines, the Siren X-1 Actioncam takes things to another level. Invented by Australia-based Scottish expatriates Phil West and Calum McPherson, this camera simultaneously shoots video down into the water and up towards the angler.


The camera can single handedly be mounted onto the line by squeezing the top of the camera which opens a 4.5-mm-wide channel where the line can be placed. Should the camera pop off the line there is no need to worry because it can float for easy retrieval. This device also comes with a dedicated app that allows for simplistic video editing where the user can toggle between the up and down camera.

This camera can only be purchased on Kickstarter, so check out this link and find out what early bird pricing is currently available.

Source: NewAtlas

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