3 of the Worst Bass Lures to Use in September

As the summer season comes to a close bass anglers will need to change up what lures they are throwing. Below is a video documenting the three lures you do not want to use in September.

As mentioned in the video, most of the content you’ll see this month will be about the best bass lures to use. However, this angler felt that knowing what lures not to use is just as valuable. If you missed anything he mentioned, find the complete list of the worst lures below.

1.) Wiggle Wart, which mostly comes in crawfish patterns only produces during the summer months
2.) Big Spinner Baits with a Big Blade, only smaller spinner baits which are about 1/4 ounce or less will catch fish
3.) Soft Plastic Lizards, seem to be great the rest of the year, but not in September

Now that you know what not to use hopefully you’ll be able to land more hungry bass this month. Let us know which other lures simply don’t produce for you in the month of September.

Source: IntuitiveAnglingWithRandyBlaukat

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