Trolling 101: Get the Basics of this Boat Fishing Technique

Many anglers would argue that trolling is the ultimate fishing technique since it can yield some of the biggest catches. Check out this short video and get the low-down on how to troll and what gear you’ll need to make it successful.

As mentioned in the video trolling can be done in the ocean, on a river, or in a lake, but you have to make sure you know where the fish are and that the body of water is deep enough for your vessel.

When it comes to gear for trolling it’s best to use a traditional trolling reel and rod set up verses a spinning rod and reel. Also, monofilament line is ideal because it can stretch and will hold up better when landing bigger fish.

As far as baits and lures go, it’s best to bring a variety to your angling adventure because you’ll never know exactly what will be hitting on any given day. Now that you know the basics of trolling visit your local spot and land a fish you’ll be talking about for years to come.

Source: FishingBooker

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