Start Tying the Best Knots for Artificial Lures

Most anglers out there have an arsenal of fishing knots at their disposal, but knowing when to use any given knot is the key to having this knowledge. Below you’ll get a good look at which knots to use for artificial lures so you can be even more successful on the water.

As you just heard in the video these knots are good for lures that do not have any additional split rings or swivels. Below are the steps listed out in case you missed anything in the video.

1.) Take the tag end, double it over the main line and run it through the loop
2.) Identify the top side and down side of the knot, then thread the tag end through the lure
3.) Thread the tag end into the bottom side and out of the top side of the loop
4.) Pull loop tighter then loop the tag end over the main line three times
5.) Feed tag end through the hole between the two loops
6.) Pull tight and trim tag end

Remember these knots are good for both inshore and deep sea fishing as well and can likely hold up to strong fish.

Source: SaltStrong

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