What You Need to Know About Fishing Hats

While many might over look the hat as part of a fishing setup, it’s an integral part of an angler’s gear. Get the low down on what fishing hats to wear and which ones are pointless in the short video below.

As you just saw there are many options for anglers when it comes to hats, and they are not all created equal. While some hats may look great as a fashion statement the have no place on the water.

Ball caps are a great option, but make sure they are black under the bill and it will help you see more fish. When it comes to sun protection the wide brimmed hats are the best choice as they will provide the most shade. Knit hats are essential when the weather is chilly, and if combined with a ball cap they make for an unstoppable head garment. Consider leaning into a functional hat on your next fishing trip as it will help you see fish and protect yourself from the elements.


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