How to Attaching Fishing Bait with a Hook

Learn how to attach fishing bait with a hook using this unique knot. It will help give you the edge when angling with live baits on the water.

Did you see how simple tying that knot was? It was easy to tie and will provide great opportunities for catching fish with live bait. In case you missed any of the steps in the video you can find them listed out below.

1.) Thread the line through the eye hole of the first hook and make a loop
2.) Pinch the loop and twist the tag end around the main line several times
3.) Then thread the tag end through the loop and pull tight
4.) Trim the tag end
5.) Thread the main line through the eye hole of the second hook
6.) Hold the shaft of the hooks together and twist the main line around them several times
7.) Twist down the shafts them back up
8.) Once back at the top, thread the line through the eye hole of the second hook and pull tight

Now that you’ve seen it done here, try doing this in your own neck of the woods. This setup is great for maggots and worms.

Source: FishingKnots

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