Tools You Need When Pike Fishing

When fishing for pike many overlook the tools needed to safely land and ultimately release these fish. Besides the obvious net, learn about what other tools come in handy when angling for pike.

As you just saw there are many tools that come in handy when landing and releasing pike. Many of the tools are used to keep the angler safe from the sharp teeth and thrashing body of these big fish.

The obvious tools needed are a net, line cutters, and pliers. However there are a few more things anglers should have when going after these fish. A jaw-spreader is a great tool which will give better access to the mouth of the pike. By combining two of them using electrical tape you’ll have an even stronger tool. A fish gripper can be used to hook the bottom jaw of the pike which will naturally cause them to open their mouths. Lastly, a hook extractor can help when the hook is far back in the pike’s mouth. Consider bringing some of these tools along next time you’re hunting pike fish, your fingers will thank you.

Source: LindnersAnglingEdge

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