5 Bass Lures for Autumnal Angling

The season of fall is fully upon us and with it comes a necessary change in the lures used to catch big bass. Get the lowdown on what you should be throwing this autumn in the short video below.

Great advice as always from Lake For Guy! If you missed anything in the video, see the top five lures for fall fishing listed below.

1.) Jerkbait: it’s used year-round, but is very effective when the bass are chasing shad

2.) Lip-less Crankbait: which can be used in deep and shallow waters

3.) Walking Topwater: this loud lure will draw bass out from dirty or deep waters

4.) The Spoon: it’s great for lakes and offshore fishing from any depth

5.) Filthy Frog: which is great for cooler waters with vegetation

As mentioned there are plenty of other baits that can be used this season, but try starting off with these as they are proven to be effective at landing big bass.

Source: GooganLab

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