Minnesota Anglers Sets New State Muskie Record

Recently, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources certified a 58.25-inch muskie caught by angler Eric Bakke as a new state record catch. Bakke caught the record fish on Mille Lacs Lake and broke the previous record that stood for three years.


According to reports Bakke and his angling partner landed the massive muskie, measured it, and took a picture in about one minute’s time.

Speaking about the record-breaking catch and release Bakke told reporters, “In order to catch more and bigger fish you have to put them back: β€˜let them go, let them grow,’ This record should and will be broken in the next year or two if we all make the choice to keep all those big fish alive and swimming for the next person to experience and catch a fish of their lifetime. I’d like to say thank you to all of the people who have caught that fish over the past 20-plus years, took care of her and put her back. She is still out there for all of you to go try to catch again.”

Source: KARE11

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