Do You Know the Egg Loop Knot?

While there seems to be more fishing knots than fish in the ocean, there are a select few that stand above the rest. Learn how to tie one of the better knots called the Egg Loop Knot in this short video below.

As you just saw tying the Egg Loop Knot doesn’t take much time and is quite simple to do. In case you missed any steps find them listed below.

1.) Thread the line through the eye of the hook
2.) Hold the tag end along the shank of the hook
3.) Wrap the other end of the line around the shank five times
4.) Take the end of the line and loop it through the eye again
5.) Thread the line through enough to make a big loop
6.) Pinch the loop along the shank
7.) Take the end of the loop and wrap it around the shank four times
8.) Pull the end tight and trim the tag end of the line
9.) Push the other line back through the eye enough to make a small loop

The Egg Loop Knot is very simple and can be used for adding bait, such as salmon eggs or chicken liver and much more. Try this knot out for yourself and let us know how it fishes in your neck of the woods.

Source: MubarakFishingArts

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