How to Set Up Your Ice Fishing Sled the Right Way

Winter is nearly upon is and with it comes the opportunity to go ice fishing. While many anglers have all the necessary gear, transporting across the it can be hard. Learn how to get all your gear to the fishing spot with ease on a sled in the video below.

As you can see this set up is perfect because it holds all the gear needed to ice fish in an organized fashion. Did you see that custom box on the back of the sled? That box was a great after market add on that added a ton of storage space to the sled.

In case you missed it this was the Polaris Indy 550 LXT which is a fan-cooled sled allowing for easy movement across ice and hard snow pack. The mount for the auger is called a Digger Auger Mount that goes on the front of the sled. Now that you’ve seen how to set up a sled for ice fishing season you’ll be king of the ice this winter.

Source: NicoleStoneOutdoors

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