3 Baits You Need to Try for Florida Bass Fishing in January

When bass fishing in Florida the choice of baits can seem daunting, but here are three lures that are sure to land some fish. Check out this video below and learn about three baits that will land fish in any weather or environment.

Those were some great picks for bass fishing in Florida. In case you missed anything, find the full list of lures below.

1.) Chatterbait or lipless crankbait, covers lots of water quickly and is great for landing big bass

2.) Stick worms, ideal for spawning and post spawning waters

3.) Heavy-Weighted Beaver, gets through thick cover and finds the big fish

Now that you’ve learned about some of the lures to use for bass fishing in Florida you’ll be all set to land some big fish. Keep in mind these lure can also be useful in other southern waters like Texas and Louisiana.

Source: NathanQuinceFishing

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