How to Fillet a Bass with No Mess

Sure catching a fish is the fun part, but if you’re planning on eating it the work is far from over once the fish is in the net. Learn how to fillet a smallmouth bass easily in the video below so your meal is even more enjoyable.

Did you see how easy he made that look? Since he’s used this method many times he made quick work of it. In case you missed any steps you can find them listed below.

1.) Outline the skin with the knife by cutting along the gills the down the belly and along the spine on each side
2.) Then using pliers peel off the skin
3.) Cut around the bones near the fin then cut down the spine of the fish and through the tail
4.) Then simply pull out the fillet

Before filleting the bass be sure to put them on ice as it makes the cutting more smooth and easier. Let us know how this method works on your local bass and always make sure you’re using a sharp knife.

Source: WendellFishing

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