5 Great Tips for Redfish Fly Angling

While most anglers use fly rods for freshwater fishing, angling in saltwater with a fly rod can open up a whole new world. One of the best fish to go for when first fly fishing on saltwater is redfish. Learn some great tips for hunting redfish in the video below.

Those were some great tips on fly fishing for redfish in saltwater. In case you missed anything, find the full list of tips below.

1.) If you think you see a fish cast because waiting to confirm can often foster a missed opportunity
2.) Land the fly with a splash, the sound of the fly hitting the water will help to get the fish’s attention
3.) Never complain about being tired because the guy on the back of the boat is doing all the work to put you on good redfish
4.) Redfish eat near and around oyster beds so if you find oysters, especially at the mouth of a small creek, you will likely find redfish
5.) Take a friend with you, and always make sure you’re having fun

While each of these tips provides great insight and technique to redfish fishing, one stands above the rest. Have fun, because if you’re not having fun on the water you’re doing in wrong.

Source: HugeFlyFisherman

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