How to Tie the Double San Diego Jam Knot

While there seems to be an endless amount of knots available to anglers, there are a few everyone should know. The San Diego Jam Knot is one that all anglers need in their arsenal, so learn out to tie it in the video below.

That video moved pretty fast, so just in case you missed any steps you can find them listed out below.

1.) Fold the line on itself and put the loop through the swivel
2.) Feed the line through a couple inches
3.) Take the tag end and pinch it about half way up
4.) Use the tag end to wrap around the doubled up line several times
5.) Feed the tag end through the loop by the swivel
6.) Feed the tag end through the loop at the loop of the twisted line
7.) Pull the ends tight and trim the tag end

Try using this knot the next time you need to tie on to a swivel because it’s easy to tie and it will remain intact for those big fish.

Source: BestFishingKnots

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