How to Filet a Croaker in Mere Seconds

Filleting fish can often seem like a tedious task and some feel it takes too long to properly do it. However, when it comes to croaker filleting it can be done in less than a minute if you know what you’re doing. Watch as Darcie carves out a perfect filet in less than a minute.

Did you see how quick and easy that was? She was able to get a nice filet cut out in about 44 seconds. In case you missed anything in that video, find the steps listed out below.

1.) Pull up and fold back the pectoral fin
2.) Make an incision around operculum
3.) Starting at the head, make a cut down the spine of the fish all the way to the tail
4.) Open up the fish and cut from the spine down to the belly along the whole body
5.) Take the filet an put it scale-side-down on the table
6.) Staring at the tail end, slide the knife down the filet and remove the scales

Be sure that you have a thin and sharp knife when filleting because it will allow you to get close to the scales without butchering the meat.

Source: DarcizzleOffshore

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