Learn How to Tie the Barrel Knot, You’ll be Glad You Did

It’s true that there is a plethora of fishing knots used in the fishing world, but if you learn the barrel knot you’ll be ready to rip lip in no time. Watch the video below and learn all the steps needed to properly tie a barrel knot.

As you just saw this knot is simple to tie and takes a only about 30 seconds to complete. In case you missed any of the steps they are listed out below.

1.) Thread the line through the eye of the hook
2.) Pinch the eye with one hand and use the other to wrap the tag end around the shank four times
3.) Slide the loops off your finger and thread the tag end through all the loops
4.) Pull the loops tight, keeping them on the shank side of the eye of the hook
5.) Trim the tag end

Try this knot in your neck of the woods and let us know how it turns out.

Source: FishingKnots

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