Angling Guide Nets 8th Heaviest Bass in Texas History

Recently Jason Conn was fishing at O.H. Ivie Lake and reeled in a 17.03-pound largemouth bass. The lake sits about an hour east of San Angelo and has quickly become one of the most popular places to land bass.


Conn’s catch is the 8th heaviest largemouth bass ever caught in Texas. The catch came on a day when he was taking clients on a charter. He was trolling around and then he saw the bass. Conn was using an umbrella rig and simply put the lure over the fish’s head. The bass hammered the lure and he promptly set the hook.

Conn told reporters, “The fight was on from there. It was just a wild experience all around.” He then took the bass to to the marina and called the Toyota ShareLunker program, which is from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department where she will hopefully spawn.


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