They say steelhead are the fish of 1,000 casts, so you better make each one count. Get ten great tips below and learn how to land steelhead like a pro.

Those were great tips for steelhead anglers of all abilities, and in case you missed anything the full list is detailed below.

1.) Master One River System – learn the ins and outs of a local spot
2.) Fish in the Fall – the clear water nets more bites with steelhead
3.) Sleep In – fishing in warmer waters means more fish
4.) Change Your Bait Color Often – using the same color over and over is just crazy
5.) Pay Attention to Your Bait Size – small and clear, large and off-color
6.) Watch the Water Level – different flows mean different conditions
7.) Go with a Professional Guide – for beginners this is a big difference maker
8.) Master One Technique at a Time – taking time to learn each technique completely
9.) Make the Same Cast Repeatedly – practice, practice, practice
10.) Embrace the Cold – wear layers and get on that winter waterway

Now that you’ve gotten the low-down on how to be successful this winter, land some huge steelhead while the snow if flying.

Source: HermensOutdoors