Three Bass Baits You Should be Using in March

Spring is on its way and with it will come changes in air and water temperature. To stay on top of this seasonal change there are three key baits you should be using to catch bass during the month of March.

As you just heard there’s a variety of things going on this time of year as some places will be in pre-spawn and others will be in post-spawn. Either way most of the male bass will be protective of their beds so the baits listed are to encourage reaction strikes from the fish. In case you missed any of the baits, the full list is detailed below.

1.) Spicy Beaver, best used in a Texas or Carolina rig to bounce off the bottom
2.) Belly-Weighted Swimbait, those with big tails are best to mimic a swimming motion
3.) Black and Blue Jig, when put down in some grass or other structures it will get hit

Now that you know what kinds of baits to use this month you’ll be ripping lip in no time.

Source: GetUrFishOn

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