Man Leaps into Action After Fish Pull Rod from Angler’s Hands

What would you do if a fish pulled so hard the rod flew out of your hands and into the water? Well, this guy didn’t hesitate to jump in after a fishing rod when this happened to him.

Did you see how fast that guys jumped in after the rod? Many would call him a hero for springing into action so quickly. He truly saved the day by nabbing that fishing rod.

Here’s a quote from the man you just saw jump into the water to save the rod, “Upon arriving at the reef the weather was amazing and I set up my favorite outfit a 14k Shimano Stella, Missing At Sea Pe8 casting rod and 150 death wobble. I had just put a cast straight onto a stirred up school of fusiliers and gave the rod to my partner Bianca when a GT inhaled the stick bait. I had the drag set as I normally would for myself and this proved a lot too much for my girl! I managed to retrieve the rod and get back into the boat, got the rod back in my hands and had a visual of the fish when the hooks let go.”

Source: ViralHog

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