Woman Pulls 57 Pound Trout from the Ice with her Hands

A Canadian woman and her boyfriend have a remarkable fish tale to tell after they caught a massive trout while ice fishing. Sam Boucha and Brad Molloy had gone out for a day of ice fishing in Red Lake, Ontario when they decided to try a new spot because their sled was not running well. Boucha caught a huge fish that weighed 57 lbs and measured 57.75 inches with a 31-inch girth.


After an hour-long battle with the trout, it spit out the hook, but instead of letting the fish go, Boucha stuck her arm in the icy water and held on. The fish was too large to fit through the hole they initially drilled, so Molloy had to widen the hole to pull the fish through. Boucha was very cold and had to warm up in a nearby shack, but she proudly took the fish home to mount it.

Boucha gave the fish’s pectoral fin and an ocular bone to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry to find out its age. She also shared her catch on social media, where she received compliments for her impressive fishing skills.

It’s not every day that a fisherman catches a trout this big, but Boucha and Molloy’s determination and teamwork paid off in the end. This fish tale will undoubtedly be retold many times over the years to come.

Source: WPXI

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