Gear Review: River Quiver Fly Rod Roof Rack

For the angler who brings more than one rod and doesn’t want to see them get banged around in a truck bed, the River Quiver is the solution. Whether it’s just a solo quick trip to the local pond or an epic multi-state drive to a scenic river the River Quiver will transport your rods safely and securely.

The River Quiver Fly Rod Roof Rack is a great solution for fly fishermen who want to take their equipment on the road. It is designed to hold rods and reels up to 12 weight and is available in two lengths: regular 10’4″ capacity and extended 11’4″ capacity, which can accommodate long euro nymphing rods. The River Quiver is made with high-quality materials, including aluminum extrusions and an AES based styrene polymer reel box, which is virtually indestructible and highly resistant to UV degradation. The rack is aerodynamic and quiet, making it a great choice for long trips. It is also designed with a side swing door that makes it easier to open and close, even on taller vehicles.


One of the standout features of the River Quiver is its thru-bolted coupler, which connects the two aluminum extrusions. This design ensures that the rack will remain intact even if the thru bolts loosen. This is an important feature for fishermen who need to trust that their equipment will stay secure, even on rough roads.

Another important feature of the River Quiver is its high-security lock. Each rack comes with a unique keyed lock, and the full tongue and groove pattern on the reel box makes it impossible to pry open with a tool or hand pressure when in the locked position. This level of security is important for anyone who needs to leave their equipment unattended.

The River Quiver is also designed for versatility. It comes with a custom mounting kit that allows for easy installation onto crossbars on top of any vehicle. Whether you have an SUV, truck, or car, the River Quiver can be fully rigged with the 2 or 4-banger models. Extended mounting bolts are also available for purchase if needed.

In terms of quality, the River Quiver is top-notch. It is designed, assembled, and shipped from Boulder, CO, and is made with professional-grade materials. The aluminum extrusions and reel box are both durable and resistant to wear and tear, and the overall design is sleek and professional-looking.

The River Quiver has received many positive reviews from customers who have used it on fishing trips. One reviewer purchased the rack for a 2-week fishing road trip and found that having 4 rods always rigged up allowed him to stop at more places and fish more often. He also noted that the rack was rock solid, and he never had to tighten anything in all his bone-jarring miles. Another reviewer commented that the River Quiver was easy to clean, install, and use and that it was a great value compared to other options on the market.

One potential downside of the River Quiver is that it takes some time to remove and install, which could be a significant inconvenience for some users. However, this is a minor issue when considering the benefits of the rack’s security, versatility, and durability.

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The River Quiver is a great investment for avid fly fishermen who want a secure and versatile solution for transporting their fly rods on top of their vehicle. Its sturdy construction, innovative features, and focus on security make it a top choice in the market. While its weight and size may be a consideration for some, the convenience and ease of use it provides makes it a valuable addition to any fishing trip.

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