The Hemingway Signature T30 Rod and Reel is part of the Ernest Hemingway Inshore Collection, and fans of the legendary writer can now purchase a $2,000 fishing rod bearing his name. Ernest Hemingway was a man of many passions, including boating, hunting, writing, imbibing fine spirits, and of course, fishing.


This fishing rod and reel set is not only stylish but also highly functional, perfect for a man like Hemingway who valued both form and function. It is the first conventional fishing rod to bear the name of Ernest Hemingway, and only 61 units are available for purchase, making it a scarce and highly coveted item.

This limited edition set comes with its own individual serial number and is seven feet long and 30 pounds, with a durable 100 percent titanium frame. The frame is hand-painted sky blue and then hand-wrapped with Fuji Black and Metallic Red. The forward foregrip is made from 2” AAAA Portuguese cork, providing a comfortable and practical grip.

Every detail has been considered, not unlike the careful prose of Hemingway himself. The zirconium rings, for example, are designed to prevent line heat, ensuring the smooth operation of the fishing line. The fishing rod is both strong and beautiful, and the reel is light and powerful, ensuring a high-performance fishing experience.


The limited edition set comes in a striking mahogany presentation box finished off with brass hardware, adding to its overall luxurious and stylish appeal. This offering joins other Hemingway-inspired pieces in the Inshore Collection, which includes fly sets and Hemingway signature glasses.

Just like Hemingway’s writing this rod has no frills or unnecessary bells and whistles, it’s a simple rod with a sleek design that will catch fish. Consider checking this rod out if you want to have a rare piece of angling equipment and honor one of the most legendary anglers that ever lived.

Source: Maxim