Gear Review: Googan Squad Rival Glidebait

The Googan Squad Rival Glidebait is a 7-inch hard ABS plastic lure that weighs 2.1 ounces. It has a soft plastic construction that gives it a lifelike feel and helps define its gliding action. It comes in five forage colors with a rubberized matte finish and has a 5.5-foot rate of fall.


The two-piece glidebait has rotating hook hangers and two 3X strong treble hooks to minimize the likelihood of the fish throwing the bait. The Rival was designed for slow retrieves with an S-wave action, and snapping the bait can make it cut left or right in a wide motion.

It can be found on Amazon. The bait is ideal for catching big bass and is mesmerizing to watch because of its realistic swimming motion.

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Source: BassMaster

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