Meet Rosie Clifton, the 8-Year-Old Fly-Tying Instructor

The remarkable story of Rosie Clifton, an 8-year-old fly-tying instructor who embodies the spirit of fishing, is one of inspiration and humility. Rosie teaches a class on tying flies that mimic cinder worms, a sought-after food source for striped bass. The program is held in partnership with the US Fish & Wildlife Service and the RI Department of Environmental Management. Rosie’s expertise and patience in instructing the class are commendable, and she is supported by her father, Hugh Clifton, and other volunteers.

What sets Rosie apart is her age and dedication to her craft. She not only sells her flies to local bait and tackle shops but also shares her knowledge by giving demonstrations and teaching other children. Rosie finds joy in creating her own style of flies and witnessing their effectiveness in catching fish. She believes in spreading knowledge and hopes to inspire others to become instructors as well.

Rosie’s passion for teaching and helping others embodies the true spirit of fishing. Fishing is seen as a tradition passed down through generations, teaching patience, fostering a connection with nature, and providing adventure and sustenance. The Cinder Worm Program, in which Rosie is involved, will culminate in a fishing excursion to Ninigret Pond, where students and instructors will put their flies to the test.

Source: ProvidenceJournal
Images: ProvidenceJournal

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