Brothers of Bismarck are Fishing Campions Instilling Local Legacy

Logan and Ryan Bullinger, part of the Bullinger family, have won the North Dakota High School Fishing State Championship for the third consecutive year, continuing their family’s dominance in the sport. Their older brother, Brandon, was also part of the winning team in previous years.

The tournament took place at Lake Sakakawea’s Hazen Bay, and the Bullinger brothers caught 11.29 pounds of bass, narrowly defeating the second-place team. The tournament in North Dakota does not allow culling, adding another challenge for the participants. Despite not attending the same school, Logan and Ryan Bullinger competed as a team and will now represent their state in the national championship in Wisconsin. Their goal is to finish in the top 10, as they did in the previous year’s competition.

The Bullinger family, along with other organizers, aims to expand the program and attract more participants, including starting a junior club for younger students. Former high school anglers have initiated fishing clubs at colleges and universities in North Dakota, further promoting the sport. The national Student Angler Federation, established by The Bass Federation, supports grassroots fishing organizations across the country.

Image: BismarckTribune
Source: BismarckTribune

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