Snap Swivels and Fishing Lures, To Use or Not to Use?

While there are many tools available to anglers one of the most common is the snap swivel. Many argue that it provides ease of use when switching out lures, but there can be downsides. In this video an expert explains when to use and when not to use snap swivels.

In case you missed any of that, there’s a full list below of the pros and cons below.


  • Snap swivels make it easy to change lures
  • Ease of use for younger anglers
  • Saves on cutting lure line with each change
  • Extra length protects the line
  • Reduces line twist


  • Extra weight can affect buoyancy of lures
  • Wire on snap can stretch out during a big fight
  • Could affect appearance or action of lure

As you can see there are costs and benefits to using snap lures so the best thing to do is utilize them for your specific needs. Chances are the lures you use in your neck of the woods will be affected differently by snap swivels than the next angler’s.

Source: FishingWithNat

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