North Carolina Anglers Go Swordfishing, But Catch Rare Species Instead

A group of anglers from North Carolina went fishing for swordfish but unexpectedly caught a rare species instead. Jeremiah Elliott and his friends were fishing about 60 miles off the coast of Morehead, North Carolina when they unknowingly hooked a deep-water fish while dropping squid bait 2,000 feet down.

They were surprised to find a fish on the line only when it surfaced. The anglers couldn’t initially identify the species, describing it as “prehistoric” and unlike anything they had caught before. After returning to shore, they discovered that they had caught a bigscale pomfret, a rare fish typically found in Florida rather than North Carolina.

The fish weighed 26 pounds and 11.4 ounces, potentially breaking the current world record of 20 pounds, 10 ounces. Elliott is working with the International Game Fish Association (IGFA) to have the catch recognized as a world record. The anglers celebrated their achievement by enjoying a meal featuring record-breaking fish. Fishing is a significant part of their lives, with regular outings and even commercial fishing for giant bluefin tuna in the fall.

Source/Image: FoxNews

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