13-Year-Old Angler from Abbeville, South Carolina, Lands Exceptionally Rare Fish in Local Lake, Confirmed by DNR

Wildlife officials reported a remarkable catch by 13-year-old Logan Overholt on Lake Russell earlier this month. The lake stretches across the border of Georgia and South Carolina.

While fishing at Blue Hole Landing on July 7, Logan and his younger sister, Corrie, 10, were surprised to reel in a unique fish resembling a catfish. However, this fish stood out as it displayed a striking white color with light orange and yellow hues in its fins and gills.

Greg Lucas, a representative from the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (DNR), confirmed that the fish was an albino channel catfish, a rarity to find in the wild.

According to Logan’s mom, Kayla Overholt, the kids, along with their younger sibling Tilly, 8, were visiting their grandparents in Calhoun Falls when the exceptional catch occurred.

“Fishing is his true passion,” Kayla said, referring to Logan. “He’s always had incredible luck, and this is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.”

Logan’s father, Reuben Overholt, shared the excitement, expressing how they were unaware of the fish’s significance until its unique characteristics were confirmed.

Logan documented the extraordinary catch and other interesting encounters from that day, like a snake devouring a mouse, on his YouTube channel called “Logan Rocks Outdoors.”

The young angler’s unforgettable feat has become a cherished memory for the family and a testament to his love for fishing.

Images/Source: WYFF

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