1,000 lb. Tiger Shark Caught During Alabama Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo

In an epic battle of man versus beast, a monstrous tiger shark weighing a jaw-dropping 1,019 pounds was reeled in off the coast of Dauphin Island, south Alabama. The incredible catch was made by the skilled angler Brett Rutledge, who showcased his strength and determination during the 45-minute struggle to conquer this mighty predator.

The heart-pounding feat took place during the 90th Alabama Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo, a highly anticipated annual event that draws thousands of anglers and eager spectators. Founded back in 1929, the rodeo has become a cherished tradition, rarely skipping a year.

With a length of 13 feet, this tiger shark stands as the heaviest creature to be brought in so far during the tournament. This thrilling discovery has undoubtedly added to the excitement of the competition, fueling the enthusiasm of participants and onlookers alike.

The Alabama Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo kicked off on July 21st and will continue to captivate fishers and fishing enthusiasts until July 23rd. As the event progresses, who knows what other colossal catches may await in the depths of the deep sea.

Image/Source: AL.com

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