Good News for Early Risers, the Fishing is Great in the Morning

Hey there, fishing fans! If you’re planning to hit the waters, here’s some handy info for you. Mornings are your golden ticket for comfortable fishing before that blazing midday sun takes over. Those sneaky gulf breezes make it a bit more bearable, despite the heat.

Mangrove snapper action is on fire inshore, near the gulf passes, and out in the Gulf of Mexico. You’ll find these beauties chillin’ under overhangs, docks, piers, and bridges. They’ve got a thing for oyster bars and channel edges too. To catch these bad boys, live shrimp, pilchards, sardines, and small pinfish are your go-to baits.

For some bigger snapper action, head to the gulf waters, around those artificial reefs and ledges. Anchor on the up-current side and chum it up for the best chance to land those hefty fellas. Don’t forget to use a long fluorocarbon leader to outsmart the wise old snapper.

If you’re up for some sharky fun, now’s the time! The inshore waters are buzzing with small sharks, perfect for light tackle fishing, especially for the kiddos. Live bait like pinfish and pilchards, or a juicy chunk of cut ladyfish, will do the trick. Just attach a light wire to a circle hook to keep those sharks interested.

Seatrout are hanging out on grassy bottoms, but watch out for that pesky size limit. Pine Island Sound, Red-Light Shoals, and Patricio Island are popular trout hangouts. Lure them in with twitch baits or DOA paddle tails, and they might even bring along some small sharks for the party.

Time to talk snook! They’re pretty chill along the coast, with the smaller ones having a beach party near Sanibel, Captiva, and Cayo Costa Islands. On the bayside, you’ll find the bigger snook and redfish near mangrove shorelines and oyster bars, enjoying their high tide hangouts.

Here’s a pro tip: avoid the scorching afternoon hours inshore, as things get hot and steamy. Stick to those cooler morning hours for the best fishing luck. And when the afternoon storms roll in, wait for them to clear out and cool things down before hitting the water again in the late afternoon and early evening. Happy fishing, everyone!

Images/Source: PineIslandEagle

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