8 Ways to Fish in Hot Weather

The weather is getting hot all over the globe, but don’t let that hinder your angling adventures. Below are some awesome tips to keep your fishing game strong even when it’s blazing out there.

  1. Follow the current: Just like we crave a nice breeze when it’s hot, fish love fast-moving water. Look for those areas with some cool currents where they can chill and get some oxygen flowing.
  2. Seek the shade: Fish are just like us – they want some shade from the blazing sun too! Find those spots under docks or trees, and you’ll have a better chance of catching something.
  3. Worms are the way to go: When the heat is on, stick a juicy worm on your hook. The fish can’t resist it, even if they’re feeling lazy.
  4. Speed it up: Hot fish aren’t in the mood for a leisurely meal. Fish faster and go for those reaction strikes instead!
  5. Dive deep: When the top waters heat up, the fish head to cooler depths. So get yourself some deep-diving crankbaits and explore those ledges and troughs.
  6. Night fishing is cool: If you’re up for some adventure, try fishing at night. It’s more exciting, and you’ll have a better chance of catching active fish.
  7. Hit the shoreline: Shallow shores are perfect hideouts for fish seeking relief from the heat. Cast your lure near weed beds or fallen trees, and you might just get lucky.
  8. Take care of yourself: Don’t forget about yourself! Stay hydrated with water or electrolyte drinks, protect yourself from the sun with proper apparel, and keep those shades on.

So don’t let the heat ruin your fishing fun. Try out these tips, and you’ll be reeling in some awesome catches even in scorching weather. Happy fishing!

Images/Source: MossyOak

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