Chris Cuomo Brings a Fish to the Gun Show

Chris Cuomo has been making waves this summer, and his latest social media post certainly proves it. In a recent snapshot shared on Tuesday, July 25, the former CNN anchor showcased a tremendous fish he caught during a highly successful day of fishing. However, it wasn’t just the impressive catch that grabbed the attention of his followers.

In the photo, the 52-year-old Cuomo took center stage with his jaw-dropping ripped physique and bulging muscles. Posing shirtless on a boat, he proudly held onto the tail of the massive fish, leaving his fans in awe of his impressive physique.

Amidst the excitement, Cuomo playfully teased his followers in the caption, mentioning that he was “Gone fishing but back for the show tonight at 8pmET” for his NewsNation talk show, CUOMO. He even spiced things up by challenging his fans to guess the type of fish he caught, offering a prize of a special mug to the first person who could correctly identify the fish.

While some fans tried their best to guess the type of fish, the majority of comments were focused on Chris Cuomo’s brawny appearance rather than the fish’s breed. Humorous remarks flooded the post, with one fan humorously stating, “No one is looking at the fish, Chris. πŸ˜‚” Another playfully joked, “There is a fish in this photo? Huh, didn’t notice.”

Someone even quipped, “Who took the fish to the gun show?” Clearly, his sculpted arms were a sight to behold. Another commenter cheekily added, “Great catch! The fish too… πŸ˜‚” and teasingly asked if he had a permit for those “πŸ”«s!” referring to his impressive guns.

The compliments kept rolling in, with one person calling Cuomo “Shredded πŸ”₯” in what they amusingly referred to as an Instagram thirst trap. It seems that many were surprised and impressed by the TV broadcaster’s fit physique, with one witty fan humorously exclaiming, “So this is what’s been hiding under those suits?!?!”

Chris Cuomo’s seaside fishing photo has undoubtedly captured the attention of his fans, not just for the remarkable catch but for the incredible display of his toned and muscular body. It’s evident that the broadcaster has been keeping himself in excellent shape, and his latest post has certainly left his followers in awe and admiration.

Image/Source: Parade

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