How to Fly Fish in the Summer Heat

When the summer heat makes trout fishing less feasible, exploring warm water fish like Northern Pike, Bass, and Bluegill can provide an exciting and rewarding alternative. These fish are abundant in many locations and offer plenty of action on the fly. Bluegill, with their eager bites, can be caught using light 2 to 5 weight rods, making it a close experience to trout fishing. Largemouth Bass, on the other hand, demand a 6-7 weight streamer rod for a heftier fight, while Smallmouth Bass behave more like trout, residing in similar locations and responding well to streamers imitating crayfish and sculpins.

For the ultimate thrill, Northern Pike fishing on the fly is all about anticipation and adrenaline. Using 9-11 weight rods and flies like Bufords and Pike Bunnies, fly anglers can experience the rush of these fierce predators. While big pike may be in deeper waters during hot days, smaller ones still prowl shallower areas, offering an exciting challenge. Carp and musky can also be excellent options depending on your location.

Fly-fishing for warm water fish is not only enjoyable but also helps give trout populations a break from fishing pressure and heat stress. So, when trout fishing becomes challenging, consider exploring the world of warm water fly-fishing, and you’ll discover a whole new level of excitement on the water.

Images/Source: TroutUnlimited

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