Historically Massive Shark Caught at 90th Alabama Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo

A potential state record tiger shark was caught at the 90th annual Alabama Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo at Dauphin Island. Brett Rutledge brought in the massive tiger shark weighing 1,019 pounds, surpassing the previous record of 988.5 pounds set in 1990. Dr. Marcus Drymon, an expert on tiger sharks, was thrilled with the opportunity to examine the species. The fishing rodeo also featured other large tiger sharks and bull sharks, with Drymon’s team collecting data and samples for research.

Drymon addressed the perception of increasing shark encounters, stating that while there are more sharks now compared to a decade ago, the populations have not fully recovered from their decline in the past. He highlighted the importance of age-based stock assessments to understand the health of shark populations.

The team also gathered valuable data from a 14-foot hammerhead shark found on the shore at Orange Beach. The pregnant female had 40 nearly identical pups, and the examination provided insights into the species’ reproduction and feeding habits. The researchers concluded that hammerheads have a high post-release mortality rate, making them vulnerable to capture stress.

Image/Source: AlabamaNewsCenter

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