6 Reasons Why a Jon Boat Will Bring You Angling Joy

When it comes to fishing boats there is a plethora of options out there. It can seem daunting when picking out what style will suit you best. In the list below you’ll discover the top six reasons why owning a 12-foot jon boat can be a game-changer for your outdoor adventures!

  1. Shared Experiences: Unlike kayaks, a 12-foot jon boat allows you to bring a buddy or even two children along. Enjoy memorable fishing trips with your loved ones, teaching them the ropes and creating lasting memories.
  2. Access to Low-Pressure Hotspots: The 12-foot size is perfect for accessing carry-in-only lakes with less fishing and hunting pressure. Forget the hassle of boat trailers, as this boat easily fits in your pickup truck, making it a breeze to transport.
  3. Ability to Stand: Standing to cast is no problem with a 12-foot jon boat. Perfect for finding shallow-water cruising bass in the spring, it offers decent stability and versatility for all your fishing needs.
  4. Hauling Gear: With its ample space, the jon boat is great for hauling gear while duck hunting or pursuing whitetails in water access areas. Two adults can hunt ducks and carry decoys comfortably.
  5. Reasonably Priced: Unlike expensive kayaks with increasing features, a 12-foot jon boat offers a cost-effective option. You can find top-notch new boats for less than $2,000 or even score a good deal on a used one.
  6. Powered by Muscle or Motor: Row it, use a trolling motor, or attach an outboard for different activities. The versatility of a 12-foot jon boat allows you to adapt to various situations on the water.

So, if you’re looking for an affordable, versatile, and family-friendly boat that opens up countless outdoor opportunities, consider adding a 12-foot jon boat to your gear collection.

Image/Source: GrandViewOutdoors

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